18th - 24th Feb 2004.

Sabang has a reputation for amazing diving and... of course... sex holidays.....the guide book fails to tell you that the island is beautiful, the people are so lovely and friendly and it is somewhere you want to extend your stay.  The coral is just off the beach, with the most amazing colourful fish. We loved it here.

Sabang's waterfront. Lots of boats and palm trees.

With regards to the reputation for sex holidays, it is clearly going on here.

We also kept bumping into an American guy (we will call him Dr Paul) who spent the whole time telling Claire that he was faithful to his wife, despite behaving otherwise...

Claire is really proud of this photo, we are both now divers.  The course took three days of removing masks and swimming underwater with our eyes open, taking exams.  Previous to this course, Claire used to make Jason laugh cause she would pinch her nose if water got near her face, let alone put her head in the water with jellyfish....

That night we celebrated with champagne that Quantas had given us on our flight to the Philippines. Jason was horrified to find that it was a famous honeymoon place hence the Quantas crew thought we were just married.

We were told jelly fish are part of Oceanic life, we did not expect to have stings quite this bad....this is Jason's arm. Claire had a few too.

This sign says it all, inside the "Sunset Disco" where girlies danced in small pieces of cloth looking very bored. Jason dragged Claire in here after too many beers and then proceeded to eat as many kebabs as he could on the way home..... what was that about "don't drink and dive"

The sunsets were beautiful, we had a few storms at night but it always cleared quickly.

The island had a great peaceful feel to it.

After our dive course, we took a boat to white beach which was about an hour away.  It is supposed to be quieter than Sabang but we found it very busy and full of people trying to sell you things.

These cheeky women talked Jason into a massage on the beach and Claire came in as part of the deal......what we got was a burnt cake smelling oil, and sand rubbed into our clothes and skin, we stank, but they were very smiley.  What was really funny was during the massage, they turned us over and hounded us to book in for the next day.... it took us 3 days to wash their crappy cooking oil off our bodies and we still can't get it out of our clothes!

We had taken a boat and bus to get to Sabang, on the trip back, we had these cheeky monkeys jump onto the boat as we docked. These kids seem to live in the water and feed by begging to tourists as ferrys / boats go past.

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