26th, 27th & 29th Feb 2004.

Banaue was a 10 hour night bus journey from Manila, we were promised spectacular rice fields and lots of trekking.

We arrived in Banaue on a very early morning following our favourite night bus activity of not sleeping and getting crabby with each other

We were not disappointed, Banaue gave us this mystical view of the rice fields while we watched sunrise and waited for our greasy breakfast.

We found John, a top notch tricycle driver, who took us off to see a better view of the rice terraces. Note the lack of room for Jason to sit down on, and it was a bumpy road. At least it kept us awake..

Theice terraces have been developed over 2000 years by the Ifugago people. We arrived to see the seedlings growing, where once transplanted, the terraces are amassed in a beautiful green.  The view was breathtaking, and better than we imagined.

For reference this hill is over a 100 metres across.

The terraces were awesome.

This is a close up of the seedlings, and a snotty little boy who demanded money from us to move. Rather than getting grumpy and saying no we have resorted to asking why. Now we get very baffled looks as the beggars realise they have no answer.

This little man spends his whole day dressed in the local costume waiting for people to take pictures and pay him. He has been doing it so long that he is even on postcards.  He wasn't wise to this sneaky photo.

We asked our tricycle guy to take a picture of the rice fields with us in it, instead he missed the point and we got this picture of us next to a wooden fence!

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