2nd July 2004.

The Savannakhet region is home to 15 percent of the Laos population.  The town has become a major relay point for trade between Vietnam and Thailand. We stopped here to do some trekking, but the locals are "growing rice and its too muddy" or something like that so we had a day on a bumpy bus and an afternoon wondering quite why we were here and where that 15 percent of the population were hiding.

There are a number of French colonial buildings scattered around town and a French cafe that does very good steak and wine.  Good for an evening in the pouring rain playing cards.

The up keep of this Pepsi sign says it all.

But you can get coloured chickens, these seemed to be all around town. Bird Flu has developed?

Jason outside the one main temple before he was accosted by a mad local who wanted to practise his English.

If you look closely the monk on the left has headphones on, listening and laughing to his music whilst his mate bangs the drums like a maniac. He is probably bored, there is little else to do in town during the monsoon.

This is a cool photo, the rich locals in the truck are still eating from the street vendors, getting their take away.

The local garage is falling down.

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