3-5th July 2004.

People come to Pakse as a jumping off point for Champasak, the Bolaven Plateau and trekking.

There isn't alot to do here and even locals are asleep by mid-day..

Jason was pleased with this photo. The woman picks her nose before preparing food on her stall.

We took a very slow pick up truck full of hot and sweaty people.  Here they load the first of many goods on the top while we wait underneath sweating.

A local taxi that looks like it might of taken a few mortar rounds 30 years ago.

Jason favourite is this government sign to encourage locals to work for the good of the communist country by doing typically communist things like quantity surveying and elephant riding...

... but years into their reforms it appears drinking beer all day and falling asleep in the sun is still a far more popular pastime.

From Pakse we head back into Thailand for the overnight train to the bustle of Bangkok.

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