Pak Ou Cave

20th July 2004.

About 25km from Luang Prabang (or 35km by motorbike if you get lost like us) lies Pak Ou Caves. Basically there are thousands of Buddha statues crammed into two tiny caves on this limestone cliff face.

The cliff face from across the Mekong. The white of the cave entrance is on the lower left.

This happy woman enjoys motherhood on the bank of the river! She was also struggling to keep her nubs away much to Jason's disgust.

Steps line the entrance to the cave, the king used to visit here by pilgrimage every year in the 18th century. He would be horrified if he could see the tourist boats lining up now, to get into the highly over sold cave.

Our boat driver was very happy for photos to be taken. She kept splashing us with water so that we would notice her.

Jason tries to escape a group of rather fiesty French who are fighting their way through the cave and trampling to death anyone in their way (It's a continental thing!)

The Buddhas are actually quite cool. There are donation boxes everywhere you look, for "renovation costs".  We were not sure what renovation they needed to do that our dollar wouldn't pay for. We liked the dusty look and feel of the place.

Claire suggested to Jason that one Buddha picture was enough but...

....he likes them.

More Buddhas in a second cave filled with bats and darkeness...mmmm Claire's favourite.

Action Jason is so ready for that emergency stop that he drives with the stand down all day long!


On the way home we visited this temple so that we could find out it was closed for 6 hours during the day.  Two workmen on the way up were asleep in wheel barrows.  It is terribly hot here during the day and you should either be drinking beer or sleeping... or follow the local lead and do both.

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