Kuang Si Waterfall

20th July 2004.

Tat Kuang Si or Kuang Si Waterfall is 32 km's South of Luang Prabang. These huge, stunning waterfalls tumble over limestone pools where you can swim and picnic around.  This was a Jason only afternoon trip as Claire's nerves wouldn't hold out for any longer on the back of a motorbike.

Bears need water too and thus Jason had his companionship for the afternoon. This little Asiatic Black Bear and his mate suckled the water bottle and stroked Jason's hair for a good half hour or so.

Very nice chaps who were rescued from poachers.

The limestone falls cascade down over many levels forming limestone falls and bumps and some little caves behind them. It is huge!

What is it about water gushing that makes you need to pee... and then swim.... or is it the other way around.

Phet the tiger has a common story. Taken from poachers as a cub and raised at the falls as a tourist attraction she is now one big cat. Normally you have bars, then a moat, then bars, and a barbed wire fenced around the big cats at a zoo. This one was in a fairly simple cage and you could actually reach in and touch it... though it probably would tear your arm off.

The paddy fields on the way to and from the falls make for an interesting diversion.

In todays power tool section we have here the rice paddy plougher that is rapidly usurping the water buffalo as the most important tool around here.

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