26 September 2003

The capital of Peru was a necessary stop on the trip North. Some people like it, some people hate it. We did both

This photo sums up Lima.

The city suffers from Garua a constantly grey sky due to the fog rolling in from the Pacific.

Ridiculous traffic driven by maniacs who use their horns rather than indicators.... bad air and noise pollution

.... and in contrast are the beautifully restored colonial buildings, nice plazas, wide open boulevards, and museums fit for the capital city of the nation in South America with the richest pre-colombian history.

The highlight of Lima is the Museo de la Nacion.

It has the most comprehensive collection of pre Colombian and Inca history we had seen anywhere.

This Nasca pottery shows the ritualistic taken of the heads of others for trophies.

The museum is amazing and makes a good first stop in Peru before you go exploring the country itself... unfortunately it was our last stop and left us regretting what we had missed rather then getting excited about what we could see.

Now it's a 4am start as we catch a plane to Northern Peru (Tumbes) and hope we get across the crazy border into Ecuador unscathed.

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