27 September 2003.

Ecuadors largest city was a pleasent surprise. The waterfront has been rebuilt in a way to make most western cities jealous.

We had heard Guayaquil was a dodgy, horrible city to be avoid.

Instead we found a cosmopolitan city undergoing some of the best urban-regeneration we had ever seen.

Nice church... only seen 57 others like in South America.

Even the dodgy parts of town had a colourfuln La Boca of Buenas Aires feel to it.

It's the weekend so we are chilling in a park when we realise we are surrounded by pre-historic monsters.

Kids are being actively encouraged to pull the tails of these monsters.

The Land Iguana (bottom of photo) seems itimitated by the pre-historic monster (she's 30 now you know)!

This Igauna is on his way down the tree after participating his favourite activity fo the day..... namely pissing. Igaunas play with the locals, lull them into a false sense of security by being cute, then climb up to the highest branches of the tree and then, 1, 2, 3, all piss in unison over the locals below and their video cameras and other gadgets..... very intelligent animals.

A lovely day in lovely city came to a close.

We had wandered the waterfront most of the day, tried to visit 3 supposedly open museums (not), and even ate in a dodgy chicken joint without getting food-poisoning.

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