6, 7, 14 September 2003

The capital of Ecuador was a necessary stop on the return from the Galapagos, great for hubbing around the country, and our eventual exodus from South America to Miami.

The best bits about Quito are that is the middle of The Ecuador and it was hiding Andy and Jenny who had flown from the Uk to meet us when we arrived back from the Galapagos.

The best looking thing in town is the Angel who watches over the city of.....

.... Riot police.

Most major city we have been to in South America has either had a riot or is threatened to, either whilst we were there or just after we left.

Thankfully the 50 police on every corner of 'old town' prevent any Molotov festivities.... for today.

Well that's it South America, 7 Months, 8 Countries, 16 Aeroplanes, and hundred of hours on buses later we are back in Miami and of all things Starbucks Chai Tea Late!

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