October 10 - 13 2003.

Two hours North of Quito and we were in Otavalo, Ecaudor's market capital.

Rich, badly dressed, funny-hair-dyed, poodle-with-sun-visor-towed Ecuadorians come to Otavalo to purchase arts and crafts from the markets and generally look 'Absolutely Fabulous'.

The Saturday morning starts at sunrise with the weekly animal market where you can swap your old cow for a tray of watermelon and 3 girls of child bearing age.

Andy with 2 girls of child bearing age.

As it was Jen's birthday and Andy is in gainful employment (bah) we decided to go somewhere posh to take Victorian photos.... because we are like that!

The Beverly Hills soft focus photos and the gentle glow of the fire make this 'Young and the restless' shot grand.

... can you tell which of the girls has had too much Valium and which of the boys has a rod up his back-side?

The birthday girl and her cake (driven from adjacent town along with the champagne).

Kayaking at the resort.

The Cox at the back did a great job of ensuring Andy was stroking at the right time.

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