15th & 16th Oct 2003.

We made a quick decision to stop in Miami and leave Latin America behind for a couple of days. This gave us time to shop and check out some nightlife.

Jason strolling the beach at 7am after having not slept the night before. After 7 months of moving at the speed of South America he arrive in Miami and was overwhelmed by the whole experience. From billboards, magazines to restaurants to clubs to the radio.... it was like being in another world.

Add a few body builders, roller bladers, silicon tits, Starbucks and bronzed bodies and you start to get a picture of the culture shock from South America.

We got to shop really early cause when Jason doesn't sleep neither does Claire....and Jason got to buy his I-Pod. ( Claire is getting used to the fact that we will now be spending the next fortnight in internet cafes as he gets it to work!)

....Home of Miami Vice. We got to see a street side crack bust and our road was closed off outside our hotel for some reason. We thought it might be because of a shoot out but instead it was just an MTV Music video.... we were hoping for Crockett and Tubbs to be rocking the town. ( Miami Vice stars for Claire's friends!)

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