20 August 2003

This middle of no-where community thrives on tourists visiting the surrounding salares. It was freezing at night, and we only stayed here for the afternoon and evening before catching a 14 hour nightbus to Sucre for Jason's birthday.

This is the Cementerio de Trenes that serves as a steam locomotives graveyard about 1.5km out of Uyuni. Apparently they spent all their money on the trains and forgot to save money for the tracks.  Over the last hundred years they have rusted away here so that boys like Jason can run around and get excited about metal monstrosities.

It also enabled him and Russell to act out Indiana Jones film roles.

Later in the day, the 11,00 locals congregated in the street for some religious festival.  We were very lucky as it was an annual event that we had not been expecting the vastness of the display.

This is the beginning of the festival, where the car (possibly a Lada) broke down in the middle of the street. Local policemen had to push it along as they couldn't get it moving and it was in the way of the dancing.  If you look closely there are Armidillos on the bonnet.

It was like a mini Rio.  The men and women were dancing in the streets along to a brass band that had to keep going back to the beginning as they were the only ones who could play the music.

These two little girls were having a brilliant time sat on a small chair on the side of the road.

This is one of the more sensible photos Jason took.  Lots of the woman were wearing very very short dresses and thigh high boots, and they were wiggling around alot.  

This is the traditional dress of the Bolivians older woman. They dance in a very proud and slightly clumsy manner that seems to work.

From here we took a 14 hour night bus to Sucre.  It is not to be repeated in a hurry.
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