21-23 August 2003.

We took a night bus from Uyuni to Sucre (14 hours of road that makes your brain shake inside your head).  

Sucre was worth it just to celebrate Jason's birthday, although we were dazed with our lack of sleep for most of it.  It was however, a pleasant surprise to see such a beautiful city free from dust.

Sucre is still high (2800m) and the streets are very steep, so walking around town is literally breath-taking.

Despite being the city that Bolivia prides itself on, it is difficult to ignore the constant smell of urine. The traditional dress worn by Bolivian women minus underpants makes squatting over drains a simple and accepted thing to do.

Jason called his friends on his birthday.  Thank you Dean for hosting a UK birthday meal that brought everyone together for the call.

Birthday boy eating the local famous Sucre chocolate and admiring his Champagne.

We found a restaurant and whilst Jason nipped out Claire got them to put candles around a fruit salad. (The nearest thing they had to birthday cake).

Hannah, Russell and Emma joined us for dinner and we moved on to a local bar for drinks until they threw us out at 2.30am.... to our surprise the streets were deserted and all the bars were shut.

This is the taxi that took us away from Sucre.

It was chosen due to the owners extremely good taste.

The racing sticker and chequered flag suggests they drive fast and the 'XXX' number plate suggests he may be a little rude.

Our bus journey to Potosi came to an abrupt stop.  We were worried it was an accident but it turned out that it was interrupted by a car rally.

The road was shut for over an hour while cars raced through a village. This five car race in crappy old cars led to the closure of the main road between cities!!!

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