24-26 April 2003.

We decided to go to Ushuaia because its at the end of the world.  We stayed with a lovely Spanish family who talked too much. We walked around a national park, ate too much lamb again, bumped into Wolfgang (mad German), and were fascinated by the Argy's enduring fascination with the Malvinas (Falkland Islands)

Ushuaia, place at the end of the world. You can jump off here for Antarctica so there were lots of interesting museums and boats that you could take.  (Read it is cold and boring)

This was the average temperature for our trip. (proof it is cold)

Claire's 'Saturday night fever' pose as we descend from a brass monkeys tour of the Martial Glacier.

The Yamanas (indigenous Indians) were the highlight of the time in Ushuaia. This picture is of a midden. A midden is the raised ground around where they used to live that is a build of all the rubbish they throw outside.

It reminded us of parts of London (not to be mentioned... you know where you live)

Most of the trees were rotten with Darwins fungus.

The national park had amazing forests

The place was full of great looking birds that unusually didn't run when Jason approached them.

We bumped into Wolfgang on our big night out in Ushuaia. This was the morning after. They don't look too bad because all the bars here closed the night before at 10pm due to Presendential elections the next day.

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