Buenos Aires

27 April - 5 May 2003.

Home of Tango dancing and Argentine culture. With no mountains, treks or parks, Jason was in his element here (read climbing up the walls).

This is Jason proudly sporting his newly purchased foldable ballet binoculars (foldable - read cheap and crap).  He finally succumbed to a night at the ballet to see Giselle (read ponces prancing around in tights).

Hazel you will be very proud to know that he stayed awake.... unlike his last ballet experience!

The next night was Tango night.  Meet the door man who Claire chatted up to let us in. We had an evening of Champagne and dancing followed by an Irish bar because nothing seemed to be open.  ( Irish bar - read no Irish people, bad and expensive Guinness, and no Irish music). We tried to get into clubs recommended in our travel books - mistake - lots of strange people dressed as Goths.

This is Evita's balcony and palace.

Princess Claire has modeled her wave on Evita as the 'royal wave' was getting a bit passe

This is a perfect example of how Argy's like their politics, and political graffiti. Just around the corner were riot police chasing locals who were banging the doors down to the Bank of Boston that appears to have been shut since the currency collapsed.

It took us two hours to get safe tickets to the football (read nerdy seats away from the terraces). The supporters were just as interesting as the football. River Plate drew with Nuevo Chicago 1-1. This picture shows the Nuevo Chicago supporters unfurling an enourmous flag. At its peak it covered a whole terrace... the drawback is that you can't see the game... a bit like going to the ballet and people watching the crowd!

Jason the excited kid wanted to visit the zoo. It was full of popcorn, icecream and happy animals that liked performing. There were also some pacing ones too which weren't quite so happy eg: lions tigers, bears.  

We did get to see a very constipated elephant shuffle around for a while

We went to Recoleta Cemetry (read posh graveyard) to see where Evita was buried. Whilst there I came acorss this Hugh Hefner look-a-like... I'm not sure it was in his will to have a statue of himself wearing his dressing gown outside his tomb

... and todays comedy sign was directly behind Hefners grave... I (Jason) tried to convince Claire it was a health club and that we should pop-in for an invigorating massage

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