22nd Mar 2004.

On our bike ride to Shaping, we stumbled upon Xizhou market. It was fantastic, you could buy lots of meat and veg, it was a real-life working market.

This old man drinks his Chinese tea while deciding which pig / cow / dog to buy for dinner.

These pigs seemed to be getting frisky with each other and this young chap took offence and started whipping them with his stick.

The locals picking oranges for the week and spitting them at each other... did we mention they spit a lot in China!

Anyone for corn which has had smelly flip flops in it?

This man is selling old-school woven rain covers which the locals use in the fields to protect themselves from the rain.

These old guys look like they have just escaped.

Jason's mate Barnes in twenty years after giving up the IT world and retiring to grow Bok Choy in China.

Photo boy Jason can't get enough of temples even if it means putting his feet in wet white plaster. This plaster was conveniently dumped out the front of the temple.... did we mention no ones cleans in China?

More angry looking deities to offer your hard earn't food to so they don't kick your ass.

We know they eat meat but do they need to leave it so open in the market? Claire looks a bit squeamish.

These dogs are probably not going home to be little Johnny's present......they eat everything here.

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