22nd Mar 2004.

Every Monday, the town of Shaping hosts a weekly market that sells anything and everything. This was the market we were excited about seeing.  When we got there we found that the Xizhou market was much better and open to letting us browse round to our own devices. Shaping is about 30km's from Dali and makes a pleasant tandem bike ride.

Claire posing with goat branded tandem.

It was an interesting bike journey. Jason told Claire that if we got a tandem she could rest on the way back as it was a 75km in total that day.  Claire ended up pedalling him back the last 5 km as he was struggling. So much for an easy bike ride!

An old lady wearing traditional dress.

This woman sold Chinese herbs and got quite fiesty with another stall owner who was trying to buy some dried bark off her.  They hollered for several minutes oblivious to watchers by all for the sake of about 10p. It passes the time!

Not such traditional dress unless you are aspiring to become a now defunct Red Guard.

There seems to still be alot of Chinese chickens available so we presume the threat of bird flu has not hit South West China.... we hope.

This little old lady passed us several kilometres down the road on the way back.  She is carrying fresh vegetables on her forehead and it looks really heavy.

Another old lady with the super tough forehead.

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