26th Nov 2003.

Towering above the rain forest, Tikal is possible the most magnificent Mayan city ever built.

Abandon around 900AD the pyramids still stick 60 metres up and above the forest canopy creating an eerie image on a misty morning

From ground level the mist still engulfs the building.

Just another temple, pyramid, building thing?

Tikal is still set in very dense jungle with many buildings that are still covered in dirt and have trees growing out of them.

There are an abundance of animals leading to our animal section which is to be said aloud in your best David Attenborough voice.

"....like this Agouti which is part of the rodent family."

.... and this Coati another mammal.

... and these 2 his and her safari suit, matching hat and camera bags couple from public school in England. These bizarre species are often seen complaining how crap the English weather is but on this occasion were complaining that Tikal in the steamy Central American jungle is not as hot as England any more.

A pheasant looking thing

Jappers complete with sun umbrellas and very important clip boards.

The wegetlosters and another dodgy pyramid.... indeed despite all the majesty and history of Tikal the best part was the people watching and racial stereo-typing that goes with a good day in an international park.

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