24-26th Nov 2003.

Flores is a little town set on a peninsular in Lago Peten in Northern Guatemala. It was the jumping off place for Tikal. (Famous Mayan Ruins).

The setting of the town is beautiful but the locals like to drive round and round the block until midnight with their stereos up very loud..... Jason had a pile of Belizean coins that were no longer needed and they might have dented the pick-up truck that was on its last lap round the block with its stereo on full volume at 11pm.

At 4 am everyone gets up as the buses to Mexico, Belize, and Tikal Ruins all leave at 5am. The Roosters and birds are crowing by 4 anyway.

The Aktun Kan caves are a Jason only walk from Flores (Claire's had enough of caves).

Jason expected a few holes in the ground and was pleasantly surprised by the presence of limestone stalactites and other formations.... the caves were also massive and similar in magnitude to Waitomo caves in NZ if had been mapped and signposted by 4 year olds.

After an hour or so in a dark hole I started to get bored and take stupid photos using the camera timer and tripod.

The most stupid photo is this one where my mouth is both open and shut due to the timing of the exposure.... Makes me look more than a little retarded.

Claire 'I'm on a diet' Hillier was such a bundle of energy that she declined the evening activity of Kayaking and decided to sit and watch the sun go down over the lake.

Jason is the dot in the lower middle of the photo returing from the other side of the lake.

Bethel Village was our last stop in Guatemala before heading up the river to Frontera Corozal in Mexico.

Our final observation is that Guatemalan women always seem to be washing clothes and the kids never seem to be in school!

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