19, 20th Nov 2003.

Placencia is a beautiful, quiet little village in Southern Belize, where 600 people live a very laid back lifestyle. It has a beach, beautiful seas, and a number of international travellers who come here to swim, boat, fish, dive and laze around.

This is the beach that was less than 100 meters from anywhere on the peninsular.

The beautiful beaches must have played with the minds of some of the locals. In one evening out we discovered:

- Princess Di was not an accident

- Micheal Jackson is innocent / guilty again

All this from 3 very likely lads engaged in some form of competition to drink as much local beer as possible whilst talking as much crap as possible!

They also reliably informed us that huge packages of cocaine would regularly wash themselves up on the beach every September and that the only way to tell who found it was by who had the new car that year.... they were some very funny lads!

Excellent..... Yanks on holiday.... The couple behind us spent an hour talking about how difficult it was finding a partner at the age of 60, and getting it up. The lady also had a G&T before midday breaking her no drinking in the morning rule... needless to say the conversation was riveting and unfortunately for our peaceful, beach front breakfast totally unavoidably at the volume these people insisted on communicating at.

We felt very at home at this yellow hotel as the family that owned it were lovely and made us feel really welcome.

Claire is preparing herself for another boiling hot bus journey.

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