Belize City

23rd Nov 2003.

We got here on a Saturday and stayed in a more expensive hotel so that we could feel safer, and so Jason could watch the rugby.  We got there and were pleased we were safe, but Jason was disappointed when we checked in and the lady told us the date - it meant he had missed the rugby world cup final as it was the night before..... A quick walk to the Internet revealed that God does exist as Jason's second favourite team had won and his least favourite team had lost.

Sunday morning walking in Belize City had a very seedy feel to it. The action in the city is concentrated in a block of 5 by 10 streets. During our walk we saw 2 naked women face down on the pavement, 50+ homeless people in one 50m square park, drug deals and shops open via steel cages in the wall dispensing malt liquor.

Jason shook hands with a minging homeless guy on the street who hadn't washed for a very long time. He told him the 12 best things England did for the world, before asking Jason if he money for an orange juice. Jason then walked hand in hand with Claire and forgot to tell her until we were eating!

Another move onto another place, Claire travels light.

If you use your X-Ray backpack vision you might be able to see; a 5 kilo toiletry bag, 5 pairs of shoes with matching outfits and handbags.....( Claire: LIES!)

I'm not sure what this shop was selling as we can't see through garage roller doors. But we did notice they had fairy lights out the front.

On our return to Belize city, on a walk in the afternoon the city had a very different feel. School kids were laughing and playing, people were enjoying an after work beer and the sun was shining. It had a much more upbeat feel to it than naked, dead, crackheads in the street.

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