Muong Hum and Around

17th Apr 2004.

We were lucky to take a Sunday trip to Muong Hum market.  It is about 3 hours drive from Sa Pa, and remote enough that only 8 people visited that weekend.

The locals are all in full traditional dress and it is beautiful.

These Red Dao women appear to be discussing that nasty women at the house just passed the water buffalo field who has been making moonshine and entertaining too many of the local men.

Sleeping babies behave themselves whilst the mothers catch up on shopping therapy.

This man was fascinated with Jason's stubble growth and dodgy haircut, so they swapped fashion tips over photos.

Apparently wearing 2 collared shirts at once is big and VC army hats and being totally drunk at mid-day on a Sunday is also making a come back.

After the market we were promised a remote Tibetan village visit. We were sceptical and expected villagers showing us their home made souvenirs.  Instead we arrived to little children running down to greet us and then screaming in terror at our sight.  They were excited that we were coming to visit them, but horrified at the same time.

This is a typical home of the villagers.

This girl didn't like the fact people were coming into her town.  She spent several times pulling unwelcoming faces at Claire (might have been the blonde hair, who knows) and then she grabbed Jason for a game of whack his ankles.

Whack Ankles is similar to Skipping but only Jason has to skip while the locals try and whack his ankles with an old bicycle tyre.

Once we had lost the other 6 people, the kids warmed up. The kids went MAD over our camera.  They had never seen anything like it, here is our best photo.  The others are all blurred as 6 little sets of hands held onto the camera.   Grabbing and trying to see their friends. They were so innocent, their friends would tell them they were on the screen, and they would run to see themselves, even though they had moved out of the shot.

Grandma let us see inside her house. After much persuasion, Jason managed to get her to look inside the binoculars.  This was to much of the amusement of the kids who were laughing alot... she reacted as if they were the tool-of-the-devil and treated us a little distantly after seeing our black magic.

We had an ace experience at the village, something that we will remember for a longtime... our guide had to come and find us to drag us away... and to bandage Jason's ankles.

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