26th Apr 2004.

Hue has alot of history and its cultural sits were severely hit in the war of the "American Aggressors". If anyone else says American Aggressors again we will feel the need to defend their foreign policy just to be bloody minded!

During the 1968 VC Tet Offensive Hue was the only city in South Vietnam to be held by the communists longer than a week. 25 days in total. During this time, 3000 civilians died, they were shot, clubbed to death and even buried alive. The shallow graves were found some years later dotted around the city.

This photo is the side of one of Nine Dynastic Bronze Urns in the royal citadel... note the bullets holes peppered everywhere.

Today, life is calmer, with many women still cycling in their traditional dress.

...and men cycling with their traditional heavy loads.

Fans and large pieces of metal.

Another large Vietnamese flag triumphantly flown in the face of the American Aggressors (yawn).

Thai Hoa Palace across Trung Dao Bridge.

The moat surrounding the citadel is full of Lotus blossoms.

Four of the nine dynastic urns

A very busy cyclo driver getting a few Zs

The best time to walk anywhere is between 12 and 2 as all these guys are asleep and thus unable to hassle us.

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