1st & 2nd Mar 2004.

Sagada is deep in the mountain province of the North of Luzon Island. 10,000 people live here in a small quiet community which is surprising considering lots of people visit here to see the famous hanging coffins.

We heard there were some rather unusual burial pracitices.... and after some tips from a local kid, we found the Echo Valley coffins perched on the limestone cliffs.

... not really sure how PC it was scaling-up the cliff of the coffins, but Jason did resist the urge to have a look inside.

After a small tip for his guiding expertise an impromptu basketball game was started. After not having thrown a hoop for 5 years or more Jason promptly hit his first 3 pointer much to the amazement of Claire and the boy.

From here it was all one way traffic as Jason threw brick after brick and the kid kicked his ass.

This pile of Coffins in Lumiang burial cave looks like the undertaker has died.

Some of the rotting coffins had burst open to reveal the bones within.

After a bit of convincing from a couple of very nice Phillipino boys of dubious sexual orientation Jason was convinced to go caving.

The Sumaging cave had a huge entrance and the deeper contents of the cave were not to disappoint.

The first limestone formation was described in that sexually liberated way a Phillipino speaks as "Big Mama".... see the picture

Jason was expecting walkways and electricity in the cave and a bit of cheesey tourist feel.

The Cave was fantastic with limestone formations that were as grippy as sandpaper to walk on due to the absence of lichen in the cave.

After a descent of a 200 metres (according to our guide) we hit the small locker size holes to squeeze through before wading in waist deep water through an underground river to go back up.

Our guide Jed was very "whatever" about what would be a pretty horrible place to be lost in without a light. Luckily our kerosene lamp kept going so we could find our way out.

At around 200metres deep in the cave was the clearest most beautiful spring water... Jason was not joined in his swimming pool and was a little scared as their is something cheeky enough about the Phillipino people that they might leave him freezing in the dark for 5 minutes before returning and giggling a lot.

And of course.... more rice terraces.

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