Kota Kinabalu

4, 13-14th September 2004.

Kota Kinabalu is Sabah's capital city. It sits on the edge of the South China sea over looking beautiful islands that are only a short boat trip away.

We arrived on a Sunday, and all the locals are out banging loud drums and dancing in the streets.  We took these photos, but were too busy booking the next hectic schedule for a whirl wind tour of Borneo.

The national flag proudly displayed.

We were happy to be in Malaysia... it is a pretty cool place.

We visited a great museum on the edge of town which Jason felt the need to walk to. It was an interesting walk along the highway and at least one party was to be seen to tantrum by amused locals.

Here are some skulls hung up in a recreation of a headhunters hut outside the museum. This gives Jason an idea about tantrums and discipline.

On our last day here, we took a day trip to one of the islands in Tunku Abdul Rahman NP.  It gave Claire a chance to unwind and Jason a chance to pace up and down the beach like a polar bear in its enclosure.

The pacing was followed by a lot of sweating as Jason quickly regretted the volume of beer he drank with the Dutch couple the night before and started to vaguely remember something about singing the Wily Nelson part of "To All the Girls I've Loved Before" while Joan did Julio E.

The snorkelling was pretty good around the back of the island, but we couldn't understand how a beach 3 feet deep in plastic bottles was part of a national park?

A few too many beers with a lovely Dutch couple (Conny and Joan) Claire left the very drunk Jason to sing on his own. Jason and Joan to practice their reditions of "To All the Girls I've Loved Before." Jason fancies himself as a bit of Willy Nelson.

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