19 - 21 September 2003.

We flew from Cusco to Arequipa - it was a great place for a 30th birthday. After Lima, it is Peru's second largest city and its beautiful, lively, fun and fit for a princess!

The Cathedral in town is typical of the architecture, we felt like we could have been in Italy or Greece.

Birthday cake... It took hours but we found a really good chocolate cake.

Another Princess was in town today.

Junaita the 'Ice Princess' (also a nickname Jason uses for Claire on certain days of the month).

Juanita was found on the top of Ampato mountain (6,000m+) in 1995 after she was left there by the Incas over 500 years earlier. She is still frozen, and was carried out by climbers, who found her. All her organs still work (except eyes), and she weighs 80lbs . This web picture does her no justice, there was something amazing about this mummy. She was 14 when she was sacrificed on the mountain, and up close she must have been beautiful.

The two bodyguards wouldn't let us take photos, so you have a bad quality web picture.

The old monastery from colonial times was far more photogenic than it was interesting.

40 nuns still live there, plus one tramp on the roof.

The bright-lights of the city were calling us from the balcony of our hotel room.

(Jason's been dicking around with night photography on his camera)

Jason invited all the top stiffs from the monastery for a rockin night out.... well Claire's Last Supper in her twenties anyway.

We couldn't get the bloke in the middle to sit down... he's a riot when he's drunk.

Looking chipper before we leave the hotel.

We decided not to take the camera out, Claire was spoilt with posh meal and champagne.

Happy 30th Birthday!!!!

All in all it was an ace day. The boy did good. Thanks for all your ace birthday messages, I wish that I could have caught up with you for the day!

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