Valle Nevado (The Return of the Park)

August 8th 2003.

The DC team was in town and the South American Snowboard cup was on the weekend. ( Only no-one seemed to know what day or time the half-pipe or big air was.... very South American).

The Park was open and it was our last day.

... It was time to bust out.

The pilots are ready to run.

When the park is icy it is essential to wear your best protective polyester shirt.... helmets are also a good idea and posh goggles can make a Princess feel like a pro.

Claire was feeling dizzy ( maybe altitude sickness), so rather than ride she was a willing camera-girl.

This is Jason's best disco pose to match the disco shirt.

In case you want to try this at home, the trick is a backside 360, which often results in a sore backside.

Here's a VIDEO of the front side 360 jump.... the jump after the sequence above ( Claire was very proud watching him, while some stranger (fan) cheered him on in the background). The riding that day was a good combination of 'teenage' anger and technique.

Pete and Lorraine (from Cornwall), made great riding partners.

Jason taught Pete 180's and Pete showed Jason the back-country powder (he's been here a few months).

Lorraine was task master and pushed Claire all day. The girls could ride together, and Claire was shattered at the end. It was her first powder snow day so she couldn't stop getting lifts all over the place, even venturing on a black run and off piste. ( Jason had to give her the odd push at times to avoid her falling off a cliff or two but she kept up with everyone).

Here we say goodbye.... the sun disappears and we leave a great mountain... probably to return one day if we have a helicopter to get us up the mountain as the mad bends on the bus made us feel sick too many times.

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