Isla del Sol

8 September 2003

Isla Del Sol is a 90 minute slow boat ride from Copacabana.

Legend has it that Isla del Sol is where the sun itself and the first Incas were born... apparently most Aymara and Quechua people of Bolivia and Peru accept these stories as how they came to be... it sounded like it might be worth a look.

The island is beautiful... set in the middle of Lake Titicaca.

We landed at Challampampa at the North of the Island and started out trek South.

First stop is the sacrificial alter... looks like a good barbecue table to us... although it might sacrifice a lamb rather than a person.

The ruins of Chincana... apparently these are the most impressive ruins on the island... needless to say we didn't bother with the rest.

Us on the top of the Island with the Illampu Massif mountain range in the background.

The highlight of the day was the comedy show provided by our boat skippers trying to start the second motor.

A young lad and an old guy were busy telling each other off for using too much / little petrol, choke, power whatever.... Fact is after trying for an hour each neither of them could start the motor.

The Island itself is truly beautiful and a delight to visit for its natural beauty rather than for any serious trekking or archeological splendour. It seems a little over-rated

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