Talampaya National Park

8 May 2003.

This was the afternoon of the day that we saw Valley of The Moon. Parque Provincial Talampaya is known as Argentinia's Grand Canyon.

Entry to the park

A stupid wild fox Jason kept chasing around the park cause he can never take too many photos in one day!

This chimney is a few hundred metres high and had freaky acoustic properties causing the best echo we had heard.

More local birds - this one a condor with a wing span of around 4 metres.

more rocks

skinny high rocks (I am boring myself now)

The sunset before we took the road home. The whole lake turned a bright pink.

After this, our guide drove us home... he had been driving for 16 hours.  We stopped twice on the way home to change tyres due to blow outs.

Jason noticed him occasionally nodding off so a few well placed coughs and loud bursts singing along to AHA were in order. We thank him for getting us back to San Juan.

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