Leaving Dinner @ Gem in Angel

11 March 2003

Here are the pictures from our leaving doo the weekend before we left for Santiago. The pictures speak for themselves, we are all looking terribly polite!

Before the all you can eat and drink Turkish.

You know who you all are....

Jason with 8 year old hair.

Wonderwoman and ___________________:

a) Luke Smedley

b) Leonardo Di Caprio

c) or that tought guy with the mullet that is in the all the 'B' grade fighting movies - Jean Claude Van Dame

Nicky, Chris and a Zebra

Daryl & Veronica

Lee Taylor, Christmas shirt, Beckham hair, sponsored by Marlboro, or is it:

Beckham shirt, Christmas hair and sponsoring Marlboro

Matt & Bianca.... this is a rare and valuable photo as they are rarely seen outside their native habitit of the Prince Charles cinema.