29th July 2004.

We stayed the night in this village because they were the only ones who didn't try and hide from us all day.

They seemed quite happy to pose for the camera particularly when man-powered power tools were to be demonstrated.

We quickly figured out what was happening to the forest around us.

Down to the river for the first wash in 36 hours and we were both pretty ripe.

Jason declined the naked option that was kindly demonstrated by the men of the village for the more civilised dick-tog version of his boxer shorts.

Our host came down to the river and got bored when he realised Claire wasn't going to strip for him.

We don't usually try and take picture of naked locals but these kids were playing up to the camera something chronic... the trickiest part was getting a photo of the three of them without tackle showing.

This is the side of our hut complete with the worlds largest bug... or so Claire said it was... Jason thought she said deadly in between sobs.

Needless to say the mosquito net and the silk sleeping liner were out that night creating our little slice of "not in the jungle" heaven.

The local kids, and as it transpired the men as well, spend most of their spare time throwing a spinning top onto the ground.

Claire gets a demonstration of how it is done from this lad but she proved to be just as crap as Jason.

The highlight of our day was when the men came down and got all excited to show us how good they were at spinning the top.

We taught the kids how to play "Snap" as we thought "Bridge" might be a bridge too far.

... and then made the mistake of giving the camera to the two lads in the foreground who took more than 50 photos and really, really didn't want to give the camera back.

Not even their combined puppy eyes could convince us to leave it.

Dad looked a little scared when they pointed the camera at them... but he was a lot tougher when it came to smoking home grown tobacco without filters and of course he was king of the village when it came to the spinning top game.

This is his dad who seems to of taken on some sort of subservient role now that his boy has kids.

He cooked for us and waited on us while his son kicked everyone elses arse at spinning top.

The cooking fire is inside the bamboo hut on a sand hearth.

The smoke in the room made it look a little eyrie but it was nothing a mosquito net and sheet liner couldn't fix. Jason ignored Claire's panic in the middle of the night as something crawled over her face.

We did have some strange machete wielding visitors at 3am but they were just cold and hungry and wanted to stare at the freaks from the other world.

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