27-31th July 2004.

Jinghong is first step over the border form Laos into SW China. Our guide book describes it as a "sleepy town that is rapidly expanding". This place has expanded with Disney style parks, huge department stores and electric bikes.  It also boasts excellent traveller cafes and blind massages. This was our jumping off point for our two day trek.

Welcome back to China. Home to the booming industry of Lung removal. Apparently they are looking to clone lungs on pigs arses so the male population can live past 45.

Alarm bells... you two are back in China... and this is a clean toilet.

In China you need to wear a suit and polished shoes to work on the roads.

Everywhere you go men in 2 piece suits are raking bitumen and splitting rocks with hammers. The Best Dressed road workers in the world.

This one is a rarity.

A hotel foyer shouting match where Jason refuses to pay full price for a room with no running water and pooh on the sheets.

The man on the right is now smiling after realising that squaring off for a fight with the "Wigger" was not smart given the 8 inch height advantage.

Jinghong is funky. Check out these hairdressers.

We never saw anyone in the saloon but they did seem to spend all day grooming each other.

The Blonde Mullet returneth.

It's hot here.

with electric tuk-tuks

... Electric scooters in "shocking pink" that seem to drive themselves so you can catch the eye of your arranged husband.

... and the trusty tricycle.

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