20th - 23rd Mar, 9th, 10th April 2004.

Dali is described in our book as a perfect place to relax for a while.  The hundreds of Chinese tourists, horses and carts, combined with a room next to a noisy road was far from relaxing. Dali does however have a stunning backdrop of mountains, great food, and lots to do around the area.  It sits about 1900 metres, so we are gradually making our way into higher climates.

This is the gate and wall that surrounds the old town of Dali. We arrived here after an 8 hour skull shaking bus ride that drove us through a huge road re-construction site.

Once you are in Dali city, you will meet the (very bored) Chinese guides who are there for you to pay for a photograph. They are well over their jobs and prefer to swap stories about their nails and what they are having for tea.

Goat man was yours to photograph in exchange for a few bits of gold... apparently dressing as a frog entices a small discount.... the only thing worse than Chinese fashion is rich Chinese fashion.

This was the nearest Claire got to the horses, there were hundreds of real horses and carts around Dali.  The cart owners couldn't understand why we would want to walk( for such little price!) and would stalk us up the road for ages.  Little did they know that they were making Claire sneeze continuously and that we were trying to get away.

While we were in Dali, Sam and DC flew to the Ice Palace in Sweden and got married.  Here we are trying to tell some bloke how to use our camera to take a photo.

Congratulations you two. We will celebrate with champagne later-rice wine isn't the same. We are actually holding a note pad saying congratulations though you would never guess it.

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