1st April 2004.

After finishing Tiger Leaping Gorge, we took a local bus (full of smokers and spitters) to the Baishuitai terraces -108km south east of Zhongdian. Neither of us had seen such a sight so we were very impressed with the (slightly shrinking) limestone terraces.

Here you can see the water trickling down the limestone terraces over looking the village.

More terraces...

Some dodgy old man wanted us to give him money to help worship the site. Claire was given rice to throw in a hole in the terrace, and her head was up against the cold as an offering to some god or another.

These local villagers stand here all day everyday (in the rain) hoping that you will want to have some cheesy tourist photo with them. They only know "Hello" and "Photo" and they will hound you for the whole time you are near them.

The leaves from the trees have made some of the water in the terraces go green.  

These guy know how to make a house look homely. This Yak head was above the door of one of the houses in the village.

We stayed in this local village, where we are not sure many tourists normally stay.

Corn drying in the balcony of one of the houses in the village.

After an overnight stay we leave to go back to Zhongdian in the vain hope that the road to Deqin will be open.

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