Hong Kong

7th - 9th March 2004.

Big big city, lots of people. It would be a great place to go if you had lots and lots of money and wanted to shop, eat and booze alot. We made the most of it on a small budget.

You can take the Peak Tram to the top of the largest hill to look over Hong Kong, here you get to see the city view and the mist that was here as long as we were!

We took a ferry to Lantau Island where we got to eat in a monastery and look around a huge big budda which is the largest, bronze, seated budda in the world.

... and we have the largest seated, green, metamorphic, amphibious, 4 wheeled, dust proof, brown shoes in the world.

He seems to have very big ears and was probably teased a lot at school... hence all the "quiet time", meditation and stuff.

Little, equally cool, statues surround the budda.

... and people come to burn stuff.

Night-time in Hong Kong is a splattering of bright lights and bustling markets.

Would you date this woman?

Night time over the city.... and time for a ferry to China as the man we had to see about a dog has finally stopped stalling on our visa.

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