12th - 17th Mar 2004.

We decided to stay here for a week as it was a great place to chill out, ride a bike, climb a few hills, take a few courses and drink like fishes. To see some of our adventures go to the next page or click around YangShuo 1 or around YangShuo 2

The Landscape is absolutely stunning. The Lijiang and other rivers cut their way across the landscape and the limestone towers just out to the sky.

The weather was always a bit misty as it is spring.

As dusk falls, the mist just adds to the weird realisation that we are in China.

The local fisherman use comorants for catching fish. The comorants are tied to a pole and they dive into the water catching fish which the fisherman quickly remove before sending them in again.

It's that China thing again...

The Chinese have no alphabet so you need to know something like 2,000 symbols for basic reading.... we won't be reading anytime soon.

The food has been so good in China that we decided to take a course to see if we can figure out what all those takeaways are doing wrong.

Jenny was our cooking teacher as we made the best pork dumplings, sweet and sour chicken, garlic beef and Chinese greens ever.

.... but we quickly realised the secrets were MSG and Pork lard amongst other things.

At night YangShuo would come alive with Karaoke regularly blaring until 2 am.... so we had to join them.... except the Karaoke part.

The drinking highlight was convincing the Chinese not to wedge their tongue in the bottle and pretend to skull and Jason being Randomly kissed by Unidentified Flying Girl who had a little too much of the local firewater.

We were both so stunned at how random the incident was we didn't know how to react.

You didn't have to wander far from the touristy streets to find a different less Glamorous side of life.

There are some 300 million bicycles in China, but its their creative uses that Jason likes.

Bummer about the rubbish everywhere.

The step up from a bike is a motorbike and when you are ready for the big league you can get yourself a tractor. These noisy heathens mostly have 3 wheels and belch enough diesel fumes into the air to run a power station. It is little wonder that China has 9 of the 10 most polluted cities in the world.

Round off the transport section is this Reliant Robin hangover. This is actually a delivery truck.

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