BeiHai Park

7th August 2004.

This park covers 68 hectares and was a former playground for Chinese Emperors. These days there are less places to play because you have to duck umbrellas and large groups of tourists to get anywhere. We were chilling with the Stanley clan and mooching around following Helen our Beijing guide.

The main attraction is located on an island in the middle of the lake.

The attention to detail (if you can get close enough) is great.

The boys were behaving themselves.

For a while......

Trying to lighten the day, they take to trying on local costumes.

Most people pay for the privilege but Lee poses before the shop owner can tear themselves away from the telly to charge us.

They seem mystified that we didn't want to pay for the privilege.

We took this boat which was as interesting as it looks.

Take old tug boat.... add Homebase garden Gazebo and charge tourists for the privilege of being jammed onto it.

One of the best signs yet, found in the men and womens toilets of the park. Incidentally we don't think this is the only toilet to not have washing facilities because alot of people seem to be out of the habit of washing their hands.

So, we understand the pissing and shitting bit whilst questioning its appropriateness.... but what does "Please leave off..." mean?

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