Puerto Escondito

2 - 5th Dec 2003.

Time for beaches, time to relax, time to eat fresh fish dinners till you can't stand fish anymore.

In reality Jason got so bent on Mezcal on the first night he spent the rest of the time trying to recover. 16 doubles later with beer chasers we spent the next day looking for the lads responsible to see if we could piece the night back together.

..... How do those crappy T-shirts go: "1 Tequila, 2 Tequila, 3 Tequila, Floor"

..... Jasons T-shirt: "...., 14 Tequila, getting a little rude and bolshy now, 15 Tequila, 16 Tequila, crawl home hiding in bushes, go into your room and change into your swimmers and then fall asleep in the bar outside before waking in the morning to try and find out how you managed to get home and why you put the remaining money you didn't lose in your socks."

The bay side beach, Bahia Principal, is beautiful and calm.

The oceanside beach, Playa Zicaleta, has some of the worlds best surf. Jason spent a lot of time watching thinking if he didn't drink so much mezcal tonight he might get off his arse and hire a board the next day.

Yes Dear. Officer Jason reporting for hangover duty... obviously having a hangover doesn't allow you to sleep in when you could be getting really burnt on the beach.

NB: new blue shorts because I keep leaving my swimmers in random hotels.

It was easy to find your own space on the huge beaches but you could still find good food and good times of an evening.

On the last day we realised we had seen nothing of the surrounding area. There is more to life than sun, sand, surf (watching it), eating and drinking.

Mazunte beach was our first stop on a whirl-wind moped tour of the surrounding coast line.... It was also the scene of our first minor slide into a ditch and Claire's first grazed leg since she was 12 years old.

We found a chronically underfunded turtle museum with lots of giant turtles laying around in filthy tanks with that horrible "I am the elephant man" look on their faces.

Claire likes this photo, she had spent the last two hours gripping onto Jason with a heavy bag on her bag ( terrified we were going to have another crash or one of the rabid dogs that kept chasing our tyres would bite us).

Here Jason grabs a sneaky pee.... It's getting dark, his eyes are full of dead bugs and road grime and he can hardly see.  

An hour after dark and we make it bark to Puerto Escondito... the bike looks fine (in the dark) and we are quickly running up the road with our passport before the drunk guy we hired it from changes his mind.

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