Livingstone and the Rio Dulce

19th Nov 2003.

Livingstone is on the small piece of Caribbean coast that wasn't stolen from Guatemala in the name of one war or another. Here, Garifuna people live creating a typical Caribbean seaside town that has a laid-back almost Jamaican style about it. This downbeat, reggae vibe, and off course the corresponding unemployment and laziness from the heat, might be what drives every second male youth to selling Ganja.... A few of the rest fancy themselves as gigolos judging from the way they prance around and smile at the "blonde meat", in that rastafari I-have-an-18-inch-cock kind of way.

We took a boat ride along the beautiful Rio Dulce to get here as there is no road... in order to get a boat we had a 4.30am start for a 6 hour bus ride from Antigua.

Jason's getting better at his coconut, hunter gathering!  (This picture doesn't show the litter that lines the beach).

The Beatles might never have played here but Livingstone does host the Liverpool Disco. ( This pictures for you Len!)

This is some fort built by the Spanish to stop those dam British pirates from sailing straight through the river and engaging in some good old fashioned rape and pillage.

This one is made of stone as the pirates sailed up the river and sacked the original fort for a laugh.

The Rio Ducle is a big stop on the international yachting circuit. Yachties stop here and repair there boats and libidos in the nearby town.

Further down the river towards Livingstone the scenery is beautiful. Here you can see water lilies in flower and a typical house.

... Sulphurous hot water pumps out of the river making for an impromptu jacuzzi.

The innovative locals obviously don't like the 100 metre sheer cliffs of the river and instead use them for advertising their hotels.... " Hotel Dona Alida ph 9470 027" won't be getting a visit from us!

A local man looks on ... but we are not sure if he is bored of fishing or trying to the read the Japanese.

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