San Salvador

10th Nov 2003.

El Salvador and its capital San Salvador, were a necessary evil on the 2 day bus trip from Managua in Nicaragua to San Pedro La Laguna in Guatemala.

We left Managua at 5am after a 4am check-in, and a few hours of broken sleep.

Jason then slept during most of the drive through the North of Nicaragua and Honduras waking briefly for the border formalities. He was hoping to be awake for the drive through El Salvador to appreciate the countryside.... but he slept through most of it. Claire saw lots of beautiful lush volcanic scenery, and lots of poverty.

San Salvador itself is full of bright American strip shopping malls surrounded by extreme poverty and a gun culture emulating that of South Central Los Angeles.

We stayed at the bus station along with everyone else on our bus who were also too scared to go anywhere else (after our Managua experience we didn't fancy taking any chances.)

In bed by 9pm we slept only a few hours as 2 nuns next door sounded like they were exorcising the devil from the 3rd nun.

Despite the beautiful chain of volcanos the only decent photo we have is of unbridled laziness.

We laughed at this scene from the bus of a really big lazy bloke telling some sort of yard story to a not quite so big but more lazy bloke who appears to be asleep.

In a country of appalling roads this JCB is too busy being used as a park bench to muck in and fix stuff.

We didn't feel El Salvador had enough to offer to justify the risk... so we left ASAP

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