12th - 15th Feb 2004.

We had a great time in Sydney. It is Australia's oldest and largest European settlement, built around one of the world's most recognisable harbours.

Here is Jason by the harbour bridge, if you look closely you can see the brown jumpsuit brigade who spent lots of money to look like convicts climbing the actual bridge (apparently a 3 hour return trip is only helped by the fact that you no longer have to carry the $100+ it costs up to the top)

We had to take the cheesy Opera House photo.

Jason liked the reflections in the opera house windows so we took lots of photos while people thought we were weird.

Meet Pravin and Simon, Claire's old work colleagues.  We had a great night on the harbour bridge sampling the local nightlife and eating ribs.  We later stumbled upon a bar where Jason insisted on throwing ice at the bar tenders until they would serve him a drink. It was a typical Irish bar where the bar staff are far more bent than the punters.

Jo and Shelly looked after us in Sydney, we stayed with them on our last two nights and had lots of girlie chatter, BBQ's a few drinks and a soppy video.  Thank you both we had an ace time!

Bondi beach, Claire had been here a few times before but never had it looked like this! Still it had to be done...

Just in-case you're stuck with a bit of the green apple quick step you can call these blokes to pick it up.

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