Kings Canyon

9th Feb 2004.

From Alice Springs, we travelled 323 km in our car, to Kings Canyon ( Watarrka National park). Here we saw a spectacular gorge with unusual natural features.

We got up at 5am to start the assent to the gorge, any later and there would be more flies, and the 3 hour hike would get unbearable in the heat.

This creek is named the Garden of Eden. Despite the 40 plus temperatures, there is still water in the creeks that enable these trees to survive.

Jason tests out the rock to see if it is safe to stand on..... Apparently edging out nervously on all fours reduces the chances of plummeting to your death.

Claire gets up the courage after Jason's demo.

Jason goes looking for rocks and cliffs to jump off.

We quickly tried to take photos before it reached 10am where it was so hot that we had to retire to the air con car.

Unfortunately Jason timed the petrol situation wrong and the next two hours were spent in a car in 40 plus heat with no air con. (We were too scared to use anymore petrol than necessary.) Claire would have preferred to use the air con and let Jason learn from his petrol mistake with a hitch-hike to the gas station.

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